Confined Space Attendant/Rescuers in the GTA Services for Confined Spaces in the GTA

Confined Space Attendant and Rescuers

Do you need Confined Space Attendant and Rescuers personnel with the skills and equipment?

Traditionally a Confined Space Attendant/Guard/Spotter is used to initiate a response if an emergency is to occur during the job.

What Do They Do?

After the hazard assessment will tell you what types of injuries could occur, the position of the Attendant is dictated by the injuries and nothing else. If the workers inside could sustain a Critical Injury (any injury/illness that would render them incapacitated or immediately disorientated),  you need an Attendant at the entry point. For all other types of injures, the Attendant can be somewhere else with the ability to communicate with them. Any remote Attendant needs to have a formal person check system in place. This system ensures that the Attendant and workers inside communicate (and possibly see) each other at set intervals.

For many, confined space work is not done that often. This lack of experience prevents efficiency and the ability to achieve agreement. For others, projects may arise that require restricted space abilities and equipment that they don’t have.

How Many Attendants/Rescuers Do You Need?

One Attendant could look after up to thirty workers (all of which must be in view). In circumstances where there are more than two people inside, the rescue plan must reflect the need for additional rescuers.

Due to the unique attributes of confined space work, the prevention of harm and danger requires the right equipment, specialized skills, and proper documentation. In an emergency, the right recovery system can make the difference between a critical injury and a timely intervention with minimal harm.

How Can We Help?

Trademark Safety & Rescue LTD., will supply you with such workers to arrange protective systems, create an emergency recovery system to remove person(s) if an incident were to occur and complete the required documentation for regulatory compliance.

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