Do you have a large, remote, or unique worksite that has both high hazard work and the need for timely deployment of onsite emergency response skills and equipment?

The regulations require some worksites to have competent rescue/emergency medical people onsite as well as the equipment that can provide immediate aid to a worker in an emergency.

We have standards and regulations that provide guidance once we know what the hazard is. Remote sites may require a mobile first-aid post. Some jobs may require specialized firefighting equipment and other tasks may need specialized gear to get someone that is hanging from their fall arrest equipment.

Occupational Health and Safety Act requires planning and organizing the work to ensure that the hazards are minimized. You must choose hazard control systems and/or equipment to minimize the impact of the hazard. At Trademark Safety & Rescue we can provide you the best information regarding standby emergency response and other emergency material.

A confined space system needs equipment, procedures, training, and people to accomplish the work safely. Our training and experience have developed our team’s in-depth knowledge of both safety and emergency response. Our personnel can assist you in a standby emergency response. We can also help in identify hazards and implement site safety procedures.

Our company has the skills to identify hazards that can cause harm in your workplace. By using specific expertise and equipment, implementing written procedures and forms, we enclose hazards preventing and/or minimizing mishaps.

To inquire about emergency response within our company, you may contact us or call us at Toll Free: 1-855-484-1233

Standby Emergency Response providing first aid