Our services for confined spaces in the GTA at Trademark Safety & Rescue ensure all of these elements are in place on the job site. We are able to provide the best and most up to date aid. This can ensure that you are placed in the right hands. When it comes to working in confined spaces, we understand that everyone just wants to get on with the task at hand. In order to achieve compliance when working in a confined space, you must ensure that all the right measures are in check. You may combine the following four components:
  • Hazard identification: the process of finding out what could cause harm before it does
  • Specialized knowledge: knowing the best practices to minimize harm or retrieve someone as well as the legal requirements when working in a confined space
  • Equipment: the right protective and rescue gear necessary to protect workers and enable rescue operations
  • Management systems: the relevant forms and written instructions that ensure the thorough and efficient completion of tasks
  • If you would like to use the best services for confined spaces in the GTA, please look into the links provided. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us or visit our FAQ page.