Training and Working in confined spaces Services for Confined Spaces in the GTA

Do you need a confined space course or training to provide more than a lecture on the regulations?

The confined space courses involve much more than knowing the legislation and some generic procedures. Our in-house training courses ensure that company procedures and specific skills are learned by the student.

To ensure your needs are met, our courses

  • allow you to choose the modules that require to customize the learning experience to a student’s work environment.
  • have explanations, through lectures and visual aids
  • develop student skills through demonstration and practice.
  • measure student achievement through the completion of both written and practical skill testing.

Why is Training Important?

The CSA Z1006 Standard “Managing Work in Confined Spaces” identifies eight roles (not necessarily eight people) that have specific duties that carry out within an organization if you work in Confined Spaces. Each of the roles require training. Traditional courses have the student sit at a desk and absorb information because it helps to complete a written test. However, this course is made to implement and develop job skills that require a different approach. You need to develop theoretical knowledge but also skill sets. Students undertaking skills courses need time to practice the skill so someone can evaluate on the demonstration of that skill.

Your training must include a significant amount of time for skills proficiency. Renewal training is also very important because it keeps the person's knowledge up to date. In addition to renewal training, there is also competency. Competency is a variety of documents as a combination of knowledge, training, and experience. However, the experience is sometimes hard to measure to determine how much is sufficient.

We offer hands-on course sessions made to develop a student’s skills to deploy protective and rescue equipment in a confined space.

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