Trademark Safety & Rescue Ltd. provides solutions that help protect people that work in dangerous workplaces. We supply safety and emergency response personnel, equipment, and educational courses to companies in Ontario Canada.

Our company has the skills to identify hazards that can cause harm in your workplace. We use our expertise and equipment, implement procedures and forms, and enclose hazards to prevent and/or minimize mishaps.

Personally, we use our education in safety and hazards, and professionalism so the company can apply these skills. This is to make sure that the safety of workers is in the right hands.


At Trademark Safety & Rescue Ltd., the regulations ask that employers have “person(s) with adequate knowledge, training, and experience” or “competent workers” to:

• Carry out a decent assessment of the hazards in the confined space before any worker can enter the area.

• Conduct the training of workers before someone allows them to enter the confined space.

• Inspect the rescue equipment to ensure it is in good working order.

• Perform decent tests as often as necessary to ensure that acceptable atmospheric levels are created to maintain the restricted space.

• Inspect the personal protective equipment by the use of a worker that has to enter the confined space.

In addition, some people may also:

• Set up and operate the protective equipment that uses to control the danger.

• Carry out the rescue of Entrants that are subject to an injury.

Trademark Safety & Rescue can use emergency response training that couple with the large cache of specialized equipment brought to the site. That is to ensure that we have the tools necessary when we respond to an emergency at your workplace. In total, we can also use such knowledge and material to confirm the safety of anyone that is to involve in an accident.

In summary, the company is a cost-effective and efficient solution where we solve your hazardous work problems and get the job done safely!

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