Confined Space Identification GTA

Confined Space Identification

If confined spaces have been around for so long, why is it some of us still have difficulty identifying them?


To figure out whether something is a confined space, we have to first determine if the area is intended for continuous human occupancy. Builders and manufacturers by law have to construct buildings and equipment in such a way as to enable people to work safely. Machines are guarded, lighting and ventilation systems ensure good air quality and egress systems are designed to evacuate people in an emergency. The main criteria needed for occupancy are:

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Confined Space Harzards in Toronto

Confined Space Hazards

In the Confined Space Guidelines, page 13, paragraph #3 reads “Note that even if a space might not be a confined space under the regulations, the employer must take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect the workers entering the space.” Even the MoL recognizes there are non regulated confined spaces that have to be addressed.

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