To work in a confined space and avoid an incident you must combine the following five components:
  1. Hazard identification: the process of finding out what could cause harm before it does
  2. Specialized knowledge: an understanding of the legal requirements for confined spaces as well as confined space best practices
  3. Documentation: the relevant forms and written instructions required for specific tasks
  4. Equipment: the technology and rescue gear necessary to protect workers and enable rescue operations
  5. Management systems: practiced and safeguarded plans that ensure the thorough and efficient completion of preventative tasks and incident response operations
Our services can ensure all of this gets done on a jobsite. Whether it’s the supply of confined space rescue personnel, confined space training, or enhancing your current confined space safety program, we have numerous solutions to get you working safely.

What you can expect

We’re there to help you get the job done right, on time, within a budget, and injury free. That is why people call us. Our team of professionals are skilled in implementing best practices to get you safely working in your confined space, anywhere, at any time.